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This is where you can select a demo to view. Each has different properties, but also there are many other options to enable/disable or add/subtract. All of these are just for quick ideas.

While these show mainly horse related items, anything to everything is changeable. Just contact me for more info.

Remember to keep in mind that these are on my test servers which have limited resources so performance may be hindered depending on the website and what I have loaded on them. Less bells and whistles means faster performance. This is something to keep in mind as the hosting costs (which I will help you pick) depends on how much power the website needs. Also, I do not tweak demos for mobile devices so the site may look off or missing some things but the computer version of the site is where you will see everything as it should be. That (mobile tweaks) will be done afterwards as each site needs different settings and it will depend on the hosting as well (performance).


Horse Farm/Trainer Site With Listings
Animal Rescue
Client Site Demo
JK Ranch Supply
Client Site Demo
Continental Saddlery
Welcome to Burnin' Memories ...

I can help you with

GraphicsWebsitesAnd More ...

Since I am small scale, that means that I can take time to work with you.

You can look at the info below or click the demos button up at the top right (desktop) or click the 3 orange lines in bottom of logo in mobile) to go to the demos.

This site is NOT optimized for mobile. The sites will load and work but they may look off.


It is highly preferred and recommended to access this area from a computer to get the best view and feel for the sites. On mobile, for this demo page (differs for the other demos you go to from here), you can click on the 3 orange lines near the logo to access the demos.


Also, please keep in mind that these are loaded all on the same demo server so performance may be slow. The reason why one site may operate faster than another is due to the amount of options that are loaded into it. For example, this landing page is quite small in size but the farm demo has tons of features added for show purposes which means the site has to work overtime to load. Just wanted to give a heads up so that if you are unfamiliar with websites functions then this can help.


Finally, even though horses are used for these demos, these sites can be used for anything that can use the features each has. So for example, the horse farm can be used for dogs, cats, or anything that can use specialized listings with pedigrees etc. Or the horse shop one can be used for basically any type of shop that can use main shop features or the extra features like auctions etc.

Base Website Package
w/ Addons At Additional Cost

Can Be Converted To Any Type Of Animal Sales

Horse Farm w/ Listings, Pedigrees, Events And More

Full Website
Listings w/ Pedigrees
Events w/ Ticket and Seating Sales
Have A Speaker Coming?
Can Add That To The Events w/ Seating And Ticket Sales
Allow Lessons To Be Scheduled And Paid For By Your Schedule
Allow Customer To Schedule Viewing Appt Per Animal
Allow Trade-Ins OR Allow People To Send You Info For A Horse For Sale
And More ...

Base Website Package
w/ Addons At Additional Cost

Can Be Converted To Use For Any Type Of Shop

Horse Shop w/ Auctions, Separate Full POS and more

Full Sales Shop
Full Separate POS
(Point Of Sale)
Can Have Auction Listings
Sales Countdowns
For Both On Sale and Future Sales
Checkout Timer
w/Discounts or Free Shipping
This enhances impulse buying
Images w/Hotspots To Highlight Products On An Image
Raffle / Contest Give-Away System
And More ...

Need more info?

Remember, you can view the demo sites by hitting the button at the top right corner of this page.

Shoot me a message and I will get back as soon as possible ...

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